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Hotel Balmoral

Hotel Balmoral view larger

Restuarant Development

San José, Costa Rica

Client Contact:

Sr. Giovanni Graziano
Balmoral Hotel
Executive Director
Avenida Central
San José, Costa Rica

Project Scope:

The Optimum Group was contracted to consult on the development of a large restaurant in an adjacent property owned by Hotel Balmoral in central San José, Costa Rica to provide food and beverage services to the hotel guests. The restaurant was in construction at the time the Optimum Group was retained and the hotel ownership wanted a third party, outside review of the proposed foodservice operation. The scope of work included a review and analysis restaurant layout, traffic flow and general operation of the facility to ensure a maximum operating efficiency.

The Optimum Group reviewed the architectural plans and other related documents of this large, 5000 square foot facility. Based on the review and analysis, modifications to the interior space were recommended, as well as providing menu content, catering objectives and marketing strategy to maximize revenue and efficiency. It was the consultant’s objective to assist the client in attracting the largest possible number of guests while marinating the balance between guest satisfaction, efficiency and return on investment.