US Army Corps of Engineers

Fort Lee, VA

Project Scope

A team led by Strategic Value Solutions, a value engineering firm was retained by the US Army Corps of Engineers, Norfolk Division, to develop dining facility standards worldwide for the US Army. The Optimum was selected to provide foodservice related consulting services. The objective of the assignment was to provide a complete, functional and consistent dining venue across a variety of types and sizes of dining facilities that are included in the worldwide Army portfolio.

This effort included receiving, storage, preparation, serving, queuing, dining, dishwashing, and all support equipment and facilities. It was requested that the facility be similar to a college or university meal plan cafeteria in general function and quality. Accordingly, the consulting team was to select and provide equipment that was of a standard typically recognized in the industry as heavy duty and appropriate for college/university use. In addition, the team was to provide equipment and associated accessories which would enable operations to closely monitor safety, reduce energy, and facilitate ease of operation, sanitation and maintenance.

In addition to the back-of-house operations, the team was tasked with interior design for the dining facility that was to be based on an overall comprehensive, coordinated scheme and that utilized a theme for regional or organizational mission. The use of color, texture, and accents were to support the scheme and help create an inviting, cheerful and relaxed atmosphere. The design was to be appropriate for food service and eating activities that would incorporate visual and/or physical separations and transitions between major functions enhancing flow and circulation. Finally, where required and appropriate, furniture style was to complement and enhance the overall scheme.

In conclusion, it was mandated to the team that the Army dining facilities comply with applicable provisions of Army publication Technical Bulletin TB MED 530.

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