Hilton Meadowlands

East Rutherford, NJ

Project Scope

It was in the interest of the Hilton Meadowlands, a 427-room property, located in East Rutherford, NJ to consider the development of a partnership with a branded, successful, well know national restaurant chain to replace the existing self-operated Chairman’s Grill restaurant located off the main lobby the hotel. The proposed concept, although undefined at the time of engagement was expected to be a traffic generator as a result of the brand recognition. Based on the proposed consideration of partnering with a national brand, the vehicle for such a relationship was envisioned to be a licensed agreement rather than a typical franchise model. The purpose of such a decision was based on the use of common kitchen and storage area(s) that are required for the existing food and beverage operations that included banquets, room service and beverage service. As such, the Optimum Group conducted a site survey, demand needs analysis, competitive market review and an assessment of potential restaurant concepts best suited for a license arrangement including a branded national restaurant concept.

Marcel's Restaurant
US Army Corps of Engineers